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real experiences working with A Linderella Story

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Caitlin Sprau

Lindy is a total God-send! We chatted about my specific frustrations, my brand voice, and then I sent her a document of my scattered thoughts, in which she took and spun into pure gold. The content she created for my website matched my brand voice and eloquently summed up everything I wanted to convey. I highly recommend Lindy and her expertise, she is a phenomenal writer and cares so much about the entrepreneur community!


Elio Calabrese

Lindy and I sat down and had the most genuine conversation about my business. I could tell right away that she had true interest in my venture and learning about me as an entrepreneur.

I came away from my meeting with Lindy feeling like I learned so much about myself and my business that I had never thought about before.  Since Lindy published a full-feature interview on Urban Planting Cleveland, I have been able to share my story with many different people, in a way that I truthfully never been able to accomplish in a business setting.  

Lindy has helped me expand my mind and my business on so many levels.


Katie Tackett

I have always been so inspired by Lindy’s writing. She has helped me edit a few of my blog posts, as well as website content, and I am so glad she did. Her honest feedback and helpful suggestions made my content so much better; Lindy has a way of turning your ideas into engaging sentences that flow for readers. If you have a business and don't have a lot of extra time for writing, Lindy can help you create copy that is totally aligned with your voice and brand identity. I highly recommend Lindy for any of your copy writing needs!"