Casey Lewis | Willow Room Salon & Glasshouse Project

Create. Inspire. Grow. 

These words have been embedded in Casey Lewis’s mind since she began building her salon business nearly a decade ago. Since opening her salon in March of 2011, Casey has branded herself and the salon business to attract like-minded, well-intentioned people from all walks of life. 

This is Casey’s story [with some insight from her best friend, right-hand woman, and salon manager, Kate].

Alesya Vasilevskiy | Shop Cleveland Market

I had the pleasure of talking to Alesya, the Director of Shop Cleveland Market, the week leading up to her second annual event, a trendy marketplace held once a year and designed for hip vendors to sell their handmade items on Cleveland’s far west side. Alesya is a force to be reckoned with—an influential woman, entrepreneur, and stay-at-home mother with an eye for creation.

This is Alesya’s story

Elio Calabrese | Urban Planting Cleveland

Elio Calabrese, owner of Urban Planting Cleveland is a laid-back, easy-going guy with a grounded outlook on life. In a little over a year, Elio has built a thriving plant business with the help of his encouraging support system.

This is Elio’s story.

Arastasia Rolain | Arastasia Photography

Meet Arastasia Rolain, owner of Arastasia Photography, a photography studio specializing in weddings and boudoir shoots. Arastasia has always known that photography was her calling but it took a few years of a depressing desk job for her to decide to pursue her ultimate dream of owning a photography studio.

Dave Sundstrom | Olympia Massage

Meet Dave Sundstrom, Founder and CEO of Olympia Massage, a traveling holistic wellness brand specializing in therapeutic massage. Dave grew up playing hockey, anticipating a professional career in the sport. Then, at age 20, a tragic injury changed the course of his career forever. 

This is Dave’s story.