my own linderella story







My name is Lindy Hale, the heart and soul behind A Linderella Story. While dreaming up this business, I came to the realization that If I am going focus on the stories of others, I’d be damned if I didn’t share my story, too.

So here we are.

 I am more than what I appear to be online.

I identify as an omni-vert aka an extroverted introvert. While some of my favorite memories involve being up until sun-rise surrounded by my best friends— socialization is not what refuels me. I feel most energized after having some down time. I guess I would say that I am pretty complicated. I have a tendency to cover up my soft side with a bullheaded exterior but at the core, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am empathetic and supportive to a fault but I am constantly reminding myself that I am worthy.

Who I am varies from the kind of person that I want to be, though. I want to be a person that is ever changing and not afraid of that. I want to learn something new each day and never be complacent. I want to be the kind of person to take hold of their life to do what I was set on this earth to do. I want to focus on my talents and make my ideas come to life. I no longer want to spend my days caring for people, I want to spend my days inspiring them. But most of all, I just want to be myself and I’m learning how to do that again.

I have come so far in this process already. I have taken so many steps to get to where I am but, holy cow, there are so many steps left to take.

Growing up, I never really had a solid idea of what I wanted to be when I was older. I had dreams of leaving Ohio and heading to the west coast to pursue a career in fashion, but a semester in a fashion program taught me that I may not be cut out for that path, after-all. When I finally settled down into the college of my dreams I was a year behind my peers so I pursued a degree that I wasn’t even sure I loved.

Little did I know that college, the best years of my life, would come and go so quickly. Suddenly, I found myself back home on my mom’s couch wondering how the hell I had gotten there so fast. With no direction but my Education degree, I chose the path of most resistance and became an Intervention Specialist, focusing on teaching students with severe/profound Autism.

Even on the most rewarding days, I would come home exhausted and worn-out with no energy left to focus on myself. I continued to live in a really negative space for four years, finding myself continuously cycling through deep depressions and constant anxiety.

I knew that it was time for a change when I became sick of the negative energy that I was exuding.

In early 2018, I decided to turn my life around and starting doing things for myself again. I began to write. I began to network. I began to transform. Suddenly, in this new headspace, the dreams that once felt so distant seemed attainable and I knew I needed to take a shot at achieving them. 

The idea for my brand came from a college friend that I reconnected with over some drinks one evening. In talking about post-grad life and the ever-changing era of young adulting, I mentioned that I was trying to get a blog up and running (he had no idea that I had been spending hours and hours writing content for a blog idea that just didn’t feel right). But, as I was trying to hype myself up to talk about my blog’s theme, Dan said, “You keep talking about your love for people. You should just write about the conversations you have with them. You should really be writing all of this down right now.”

Holy shit, that was it. That was the moment. That was the idea I had been waiting for. 

Since that conversation, I have been working like crazy to put all of the pieces together; Working on A Linderella Story has made me inherently happier and it feels so good. 

 The truth is, it has taken me 27 years to begin writing my story for myself and, if this is how the story begins, I can guarantee you it’s going to be a best seller.