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Refresh: Abra Said | The Wildflower Collaborative

Refresh: Abra Said | The Wildflower Collaborative

You may remember Abra from a featured interview I did with her a few month’s back. However, since we’ve last chatted, she’s taken her business in a new direction has has been creating pure magic ever since. With an ever-growing passion for helping female entrepreneurs take over the world, Abra uses her talents to turn creative ideas into fully cultivated experiences.

You have every right to change your mind, switch directions, or think of something totally new that people think is off the wall. Anyone who is really in your corner will stand by you through the ebbs and flows of business, just like life.

-Abra Said

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Meet Abra Said, Founder and Chief Day Dreamer at The Wildflower Collaborative

Fun Facts:

1) In 1995, at 10 years old, I performed in the Cleveland Ballet's production of The Nutcracker and was on stage at Playhouse Square several nights a week that holiday season.

2) I have a Master's Degree in Non-profit Management and always thought I would spend my life throwing incredible fundraising events for organizations.

3) I met my boyfriend on Twitter.

4) I am born and raised in Cleveland, and haven't ever officially lived anywhere else, but I did spend a summer in college in Tanzania working at a children's village.

5) I was President of my sorority in college.



What she’s up to now

Q & A with A Linderella Story

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Describe The Wildflower Collaborative and what it means to you. 

The Wildflower Collaborative is truly my dream come true. It has allowed me to really focus in on the things I love and am good at, and feels like a true reflection of my style, personality, and talents. 

I know you have changed business directions this year. Tell me a little bit more about that switch and why you chose to take your small business in a new direction?

I believe that as people, we are always evolving, and for me, that means my interests are evolving as well. Once I quit my full-time job to focus fully on my business, the areas of my work that I really enjoyed started to become clear. Plus, once I was able to take on more clients, I began to see the the areas that my clients had real needs.

Ultimately, the decision to take my business in this new direction was a result of me seeing a need. I knew what resources I wish I had known about when I was first starting out and I realized that there wasn't a lot of that type of business support tailored specifically to the needs (and budgets) of side-hustlers.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 7.35.47 PM.png

Is there a story behind the name? If so, I’d love to hear it!

The name came to me in a dream, from my mom. I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote it down. I have always loved the idea of "staying wild" and not letting the world tame you, so it really just sort of clicked for me and I decided to follow it.  

Adding collaborative came in because it was really important to me, while building this business, for people to understand that this is meant to be a partnership. I don't want to create the vision for your brand for you. I am here to be a sounding board for your wildest dreams and help you figure out ways to bring them to life. 

I am horrible at setting goals, but would love to learn to be better at it. Do you have any tips or tricks up to your sleeve to help small business owners set business goals for the new year?

With goal setting, the biggest shift in headspace came when I decided to start focusing less on the action of the goal, and more on the feeling I was in search of.

So, for example, instead of saying “I want to work with 12 clients this month”, and then being really bummed if I miss the mark, I would change the narrative to say something like, “I want to say yes to more clients this month that align with my business values and I want to stop saying yes to work just for the sake of having work.”

When I am setting goals, I have really tried to focus less on creating strict deadlines or numbers. For me letting things evolve, trusting my instincts, and deciding how I want to feel at the end of my accomplishment has taken the pressure off and allows me to celebrate a lot of little victories along the way.

I believe that done is better than perfect, and steps that move you forward, no matter how small of steps, are really important.




What advice have you received recently that is resonating with you? What advice would you give others who want to go in a different direction with their business and/or start a new business venture this year?

I heard something from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently in a political conversation I was listening to and it is really sticking with me. Even though it was in the context of politics, I think it's pretty adaptable to life in general.

"The choice isn't what I am breathing in, the choice is what I'm exhaling."

-Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, United States House of Representatives

This one sentence really struck me as a great reminder that we are not in control of others or of things that are thrown in our path, but we are in control of our exhale. We have the ability to decide what we put out to the world - the story we tell both ourselves and those around us. And, we get to create the boundaries that we need in our life in order to keep ourselves happy, feeling safe, supported, and grounded in our values.

My advice for anyone wanting to start a business or change direction would be to really listen to yourself and give yourself permission. Permission to mess up, to fail forward, to let go of what is no longer serving you in order to make room for what will serve you better. And, most of all, stay near to the people in your life who cheer you on no matter what. You have every right to change your mind, switch directions, or think of something totally new that people think is off the wall. Anyone who is really in your corner will stand by you through the ebbs and flows of business, just like in life. And anyone who doesn't is not for you. 

pictures by @theupspeakcollective

pictures by @theupspeakcollective

The Wildflower Collaborative offers services for women at all points in their side hustle. From starting a website, to building a brand, to the ins and outs of social media, Abra has created a package with you in mind.

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