Vision Your Happiness Brunch: A Recap

On Sunday, August 5, 2018, I took a creative leap of faith and co-hosted an event with Arastasia Rolain (@arastasiaphotography) covering a topic that is currently resounding so loudly with the both of us: visioning happinessand it was epic.

Arastasia and I gave ourselves a little less than one month to plan our Vision Your Happiness Brunch (side note: this did not sit well with the perfectionist side of me that feels the need to have a deeply organized event schedule) which pushed me farther outside of my comfort zone and was, actually, exactly what I needed. Once guests began to arrive at Arastasia’s photography studio, my nerves subsided and I felt a sincere sense of gratitude come over me. I may not have been exactly sure what was about to take place, but I knew that it would be incredible.


Strangers of all ages, from all walks of life, flooded into the room with art supplies, snacks, and magazines to share. They had chosen to spend their morning visioning their own happiness which helping others vision theirs. We began our time together by having everyone in the room share a bit about themselves and reveal on one thing that makes them happy.

…Cocoa the Cat, sunshine, empowering women, writing, massage therapy, babies, 

watching movies to unwind, building our little family…

Soon, the entire room had shared stories about their lives, jobs, hopes, dreams, happiness and uncertainties. It took my breath away that so many women (and one man!) had not only showed up to the event but were so willing to share their stories and vulnerabilities while they were there. 

Over time, each individual created a vision board sharing their personal definition of happiness and the results were nothing short of incredible. Not one board looked like the other but they all had one thing in common: each vision board defined what happiness means to the person that created it.


Throughout our time together there was a constant feeling of overwhelming connectivity that filled the room. Each person showed up with a genuine need to clarify their purpose and re-energize their drive. Lidi Laurence, Internationally Certified Money Coach and Holistic Health Coach (and one of our fabulous brunch attendees) said it best, “In order to manifest our desires, we need clarity of purpose. Because, without clarity of purpose, the universe cannot give us what we truly want.”

And that is exactly what the Vision Your Happiness Brunch was all about: defining our happiness and rediscovering our purpose so that we can achieve our wildest dreams and, in time, set the world ablaze.

Lindy Hale