3 Unconventional Ways to Stay Social on Social Media

Walking the Line of a Social Media Burnout? Here are 3 Unconventional Ways to Stay Social on Social Media

Connection is my love language, which is why I am so obsessed with social media. It’s an easy way to keep in touch with others while relating to their world. Through creative images, raw captions, and real-time video, we live in a time where the ability to connect with each other is, quite literally, at our fingertips.

But, what happens when social media stops being social—When the scrolling becomes mindless and you start to become uninspired by your feed?

Social media burnout.

SproutSocial says it best,“One of the most important things about this medium is participation, and when you’re burnt out, you’re off your game and your community notices—sometimes even before you do.”

If you’re feeling the signs of a social media burnout, of course you should take a break. After all, it isn’t healthy to be losing sleep or feeling anxious over any app or device—but there are ways to beat the burnout before it even occurs.

Hey, SproutSocial. Say it louder for the people in the back: Social media requires participation.

Today, I am giving you 3 unconventional ways to beat the burnout and stay social on social media.


Before we dive in, there is no better way to get a grasp on this concept than from the man himself. Click here to watch Gary Vee explain the $1.80 rule.

Did you catch all that?

At the beginning of the video, Gary explains his rule, “You’re going to drop $1.80 a day, 2 cents at a time, 9 top posts x 10 different hashtags. Everyday. 

Sound like a lot? It really isn’t. Let’s break it down.

First, identify 10 hashtags that align with your brand. You can rotate which hashtags you interact with.

Second, click on each hashtag and discover the Top 9 posts for that hashtag.

Third, read each post carefully and begin to interact—leaving your two insightful and respectable cents on each post.

Repeat until you have engaged with 90 posts. 

9 comments x 10 hashtags x your $.02 cents = $1.80.

“You’re going to leave a $1.80 in karma. A $1.80 in community. A $1.80 in your thoughts. You’re not going to spam. You’re going to be part of the gratitude.” - Gary Vaynerchuk

Spend a $1.80 of your time each and every day to immerse yourself in the positivity community.


There is nothing more frustrating (okay, there probably is, but for the point of this article…) than putting thought into a comment on a post and getting nothing back in return.

Engagement is a big part of staying social on social media because it shows that you are spending time acknowledging and caring for your following, just as your followers should be doing for you. 

There is a human on the other side of each and every commentwho deserves time, respect, and attention. So, for every (appropriate) comment you receive, you should be leaving a comment in return. And you should expect the same from others.

“Social media engagement is essentially like a long-term relationship. You can imagine a committed and lengthy relationship takes dedication, readiness to adapt, the ability to think about the future and ensure the other party involved is happy for years to come.” (Thanks, again, SproutSocial!) 


Be honest with yourself. How many times a day do you catch yourself scrolling through various social media platforms without actually paying attention to what you are seeing, or even worse, double-tapping? I do this more than I care to admit. 

But, when was the last time that you made a note of what stops your scrolling?

Do you stop for pictures of faces? Pictures of animals? Do you stop for short and funny captions or long, vulnerable stories? Do you love images of cities? Friendship? Food? 

The options are as endless as your scrolling abilities. 

Once you begin to identify the types of content that stops your scrolling, it will be easier to weed out the profiles that don’t catch your attention. 

So, next time you find yourself mindlessly scrolling, try to change your ways with these two simple steps:

  1. Comment on each post that stops you from scrolling. Engaging in posts that engage your attention will help you realize the content you like to see from the people you like to see it from.

  2. Unfollow accounts that you don’t feel connected to: This simple task will open up space for content that does attracts your attention. When your feed isn’t filled with unengaging posts, the posts that do engage your mind will start to show up more and more. Make the algorithm your friend.


It’s easy to get burned out from social media. We’ve all been there. But, treating social media platforms as an outlet for social interaction is a great way to beat the burn out.

  • Take the time to leave insightful comments and people will begin to acknowledge and appreciate your thoughtful participation. 

  • When you engage with others and weed out the profiles that don’t bring you joy (shout out to Marie Kondo) your outlook on social media will begin to change—for the better.

  • Soon, you will be able to rid your feed of content that does not speak to you and fill it with the content you care about.