The Expressive Remedy Series Recap: Goodness and Greatness

Asking people to come to an event to share a story with a room full of strangers is a scary thought. It’s vulnerable, it’s uncomfortable, for some it may even be flat out terrifying.

When Arastasia and I thought of the idea for The Expressive Remedy, we considered all of those things, but instead of running away from the idea, we embraced it. Because, in our eyes, the world needs safe spaces where people can come together to be accepted for who they are and the stories they bring with them.


On Sunday, December 2nd, we held our first event in The Expressive Remedy Series on the topic Goodness and Greatness. To our delightful surprise, this event brought strangers together to embark on a storytelling journey. 

One by one, each person stood up in front of the group to share their goodness and greatness; the skills, abilities, passion, and purpose that lies within them. We heard a story about finding compassion for people who present differently than ourselves. We heard stories about life changes that require faith, hope, and resilience to work through and bounce back from. We heard a story about using goodness to power the greatness of owning a business that people seek inspiration and empowerment through. And, we heard a story about finding the strength and courage to leave an unfulfilling job in order to follow dreams. 


Arastasia and I are in awe of the bravery our event brought to light. The stories that were shared were real, inspiring, and completely raw. They are stories that live within the individuals who shared them and have lit the path that has brought them to where they are today.

We hope that you will join us on January 27, 2019 for the next event in the series on the topic: Body Positivity-- just in time for all of those new year resolutions ;)

Come prepared to share a story from YOUR life about your heartbreaks and triumphs with body image and how it’s molded you as a person. Or, come ready to listen and support those who choose to share their story. 

Thank you for your continued support of this project. We hope to see you there!

Lindy Hale