the reason


For as long as I can remember, I have been exploring words and using them to feed my creativity. 

My name is Lindy, the heart and soul behind The Linderella Story.

Growing up, I wrote to explore my imagination and to cleanse my soul. But then college came and I suddenly found myself submerged in writing research papers and book reports and I stopped writing for myself. Gradually, I lost the creativity in my writing that had once helped to define me.

Finally, in early 2018, I decided to redefine my happiness. I have done some soul searching and I am ready to use my words again, this time in order to get to know the people around me—those who are consciously using their creativity to thrive. 

The Linderella Story was created to dig a little deeper into the visionaries bringing culture and rebirth to the city that I call home – the masterminds behind the new-age Cleveland Renaissance—regular, everyday people doing dope things.

I am energized by the people that I meet and the stories that they tell. I want to use my passion to make their stories come to life. I hope these stories find you just as inspired as I am and thank you for taking part in this journey with me.